17 August 2018

Incleborough Hill, Sheringham, Norfolk.....

The hill was formed when a glacier from the direction of Norway met one moving from the west.  When they both melted (it must have been a lovely summer like this one!) all that was left was a pile of sand and gravel washed out as the glaciers melted.

Halfway up the hill and looking along the coast towards Cromer...

I hadn't come across this intriguing pink web before ….. the parasitic annual climbing plant (Dodder), seen here on the Gorse bushes ….

Looking to the North Sea, where once Doggerland stretched as far as the eye could see... 

Looking towards Beeston Bump, Sheringham and Skelding Hill....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again you realise how little you know about the world. And it is not far away either! Maybe I should leave the screen and travel instead..
Thanks for sharing these interesting facts and photos!


29 December 2018 at 18:26:00 GMT


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