14 July 2018

Tivetshall St Mary, Norfolk

The now derelict church of St Mary... part of the structure dates from before 1086.  I have of late felt drawn to these serene and peaceful ruins (we are birds of a feather perhaps, well, in the 'ruins' sense but not so much the serene and peaceful bit though!)….
This was one of two village churches for Tivetshall to be recorded in the Domesday book...

As far back as 1702 it is recorded that the church 'is fallen into great decay and that it is in danger of falling to the ground'.  In 1947 the tower collapsed when the vibration from a low-flying aircraft climbed to clear the woods to the rear of the church...…

I am tempted to type that as the weather here is so hot and sunny. roofs are surplus to requirements....

….. and Tivetshall St Margaret..

Apparently, Tivetshall is old English for 'Lapwings Nook'.  And why not!


Blogger Sage said...

It would be nice to have big windows like those in our homes now.

17 July 2018 at 02:45:00 BST


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