06 July 2018

Audley End House .....

Saffron Walden, under a Spanish sky, in this continuing wonderful heatwave.... walking in Audley End Park to tread in the footsteps of my 5 x great grandfather.  He worked for Lord Braybrook of Audley End House for twenty years as a thatcher and the chief mole catcher, apparently!  

And not a mole hill in sight, I'm hoping he released said moles into the neighbouring parish unharmed!

This could be one of Great Granddad's 'empties' set into the estate wall ...


Blogger Sage said...

Oh, I love those big bull heads sitting up so high. I always said people were so stupid to get so involed in watching sports. American football is the big one here, which I can't stand. And then I fell for the bullriding here. Always liked rodeos but I can't believe how I got into watching the bullriding when it went pro. Those two big bull heads would look so good at an event. I wonder why they put them up there and what they stood for?

22 July 2018 at 23:40:00 BST


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