21 June 2017

Heacham, Norfolk ... again.... :-)

The Vimto Kid and her Mum (above).

I've never known the North Sea to be so warm, it was like bath water on the hottest day in June for 40 years, 32 degrees C or so .... I just wish I'd got me cozzy with me!

...like this fella had.....

A murmuration perhaps .....????  I don't think that the 'Countryfile 2018 Calendar' will be wanting this one though!

Another Springer far more adventurous than me....

Mum was about to put this 'child' on a lead.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So lovely to see hot Mediterranean photos from England! I am pleased to see you swim just like I do, up to your ankles..

21 June 2017 at 21:39:00 BST


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