05 May 2017

Thompson Common, Norfolk....

Thompson Common is famous for its pingos - a series of 400 shallow fluctuating pools thought to have been formed at the end of the last Ice Age by the melting of frozen groundwater inside ice-cored hummocks leading to the collapse of their centres.  More than 400 species of plant occur here, as well as many scarce insects, two rare amphibians and an abundant wildlife.  A pingo is also called a hydrolaccolith (a mound of earth covered ice) and is an Inuvialuktan word for a small hill.

My 'Water Baby' .....


Blogger Sage said...

cool looking place. I like the name pingo. Pingos sound like the holes that sometimes appear in swampy areas in some states here. We have a couple of them on our Ky property. but not as big. The white flowers look like some I was seeing in Ky.

14 May 2017 at 20:50:00 BST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny name on what creates a rich type of nature. Water always attract many species of animals, so I can understand the rich wildlife (wild insects and such..) around pingos. And.. gorgeous photos Cindy!
Thanks for sharing,
xxx Arne

29 May 2017 at 21:52:00 BST


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