30 July 2014

Buckden, Cambridgeshire.......

King Henry VIII sent Catherine of Aragon to live here at the Bishop's Palace before she was sent to Kimbolton Castle.
St Mary's and the Bishop's Palace.....
I wonder if she stepped foot into this lovely church which was rebuilt between 1435 and 1440.  Apart from new pews it is almost unchanged since those days apparently, how brill is that! A lady who was visiting the church before us and who was coming out of the church door as we were going in told us that as she was about to open the door she heard a man's voice say "excuse me" and she asked if we had said something that she might have mistaken for somebody apologising.  We had been as quiet as church mice, so all wondered if there was perhaps an apologetic ghost here.  I hoped I might hear him too... but unfortunately not.
The two stone columns on either side of the doorway are from the original c1215 entrance.
Angels dating to the late 1430's......
Only recently discovered, the carved face of a bearded man.  Said to be of Norman origin!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have friends (no names but they live in Sweden..)that take a pic of themselves in front of the church and tell me that this is the church..! I admire your effort to show a really fascinating church from so many angles and also interesting details. The angel, the rabbit and the recently discovered selfportrait of me I made last year.. I send my love to the photographing angel of 2014..


19 August 2014 at 22:45:00 BST

Blogger Sage said...

No wonder people used to like to go to church. Maybe churches now should try to be more like these instead of so modern.

2 September 2014 at 00:40:00 BST


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