06 August 2013

Boxted in Suffolk, this afternoon .....

St Peter's Church, Boxted, ... there was a Saxon church on this site built around 1008 AD.  Legend has it that Boxted's Roman villa was on the site where the church now stands and was destroyed by Queen Boudicca in AD 61.  The Norman church was completed between 1090 and 1130....



Blogger The Quacks of Life said...

ooh not one iknow ta!

6 August 2013 at 20:10:00 BST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is amazing how you give me the feeling I have visited the places you show! It is all thanks to your many wonderful photos and interesting notes of history of course. St PeterĀ“s church is very special, I will forward the photo of the gorgeous star heaven to my friend Joel in Sweden, he has made several star heavens but with led lights. He will love it! History going back 2000 years in time.. amazing! Thanks you once again for being so generous to your friends with documenting your fascinating trips and an extra handshake to the driver!

xxx Arne

7 August 2013 at 23:11:00 BST


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