12 December 2011

The Saffron Walden Turf-Maze .....

...an ancient monument and is the largest publicly-owned turf-cut maze in England. The date of the original cutting is unknown but in 1699 15 shillings was paid for re-cutting the maze. It was also re-cut in 1828, then 1841 and 1859. In 1911 the chalk path was laid with bricks set on edge and in 1979 the brick path was re-laid with bricks on their sides (well, it's important to get these things right!). The maze is 35 metres in diameter and the path is 1500 metres long.


Blogger The Wessex Reiver said...

Oooh that's taken me back to childhood Cindy. Lovely to see it again.

14 December 2011 at 20:31:00 GMT

Blogger Sage said...

Don't let Pixie get lost in the maze

24 December 2011 at 19:54:00 GMT


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