07 June 2018

Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Hitchin in Hertfordshire lies not far from the Icknield Way, the ancient track that stretches from Wiltshire to Norfolk, and by the 17th century Hitchin was a staging post for coaches coming from London.  St Mary's church lies on the banks of the River Hiz and is the largest church in Hertfordshire, there is evidence of a church being on this site from at least the 7th century.  Hitchin is noted as the central place of the Hicce people (Old English name for possibly 'people of the horse).
And some would say that Hertfordshire has a lot to answer for 😏 er hum...

Sitting on Windmill Hill and watching the Swifts (or Swallows!) swooping and soaring as they slice through the sky narrowly missing us a couple of times in their acrobatic flight - they were mesmerising … well, I think they were Swifts, dear Norma and The Swift Lady have tried to tutor me in spotting the difference (Swifts or Swallows?  Or Swillows and Swofts?).

The Chilterns in the distance...

From Windmill Hill to Hermitage Road, where there is an excellent café....

The town is a stone's throw from the village of Hexton, my cousin Peter's painstaking research traced this branch of the family to this lovely village where they lived in the 1300's, and I imagine my ancestors may just have popped across the fields to Hitchin.  I certainly plan to return again soon, to explore more of Hichin's Medieval layout, historic buildings and cobbled market square.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always with your posts it is fascinating to read the history Cindy, especially two words stuck to my mind, "excellent café"..
Swift or swallow might if it is very small be dust on the sensor. My experience..

Thanks for great photos!

xxx Arne

17 June 2018 at 23:02:00 BST


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