21 March 2017

Ivy Myrtle Adele Salmon (also Sammon)

My Grandmother's half-sister, Ivy Myrtle Adele Salmon (also Sammon), was born 9th September 1893 in Wivenhoe, Essex, the daughter of Albert Edward Salmon (my Grandmother's Father) and Adele Coe who married 17 July 1892 in Clacton.  Sadly, my grandmother had no idea little Ivy existed, as Ivy was brought up by her Father's parents in Wivenhoe, and my Grandmother would indeed have loved to know that she had a 3rd sister.  We, in turn, would dearly love to know what Ivy looked like, so if anybody out there has a photograph of her, we'd be so pleased to hear from you!  Please email me at tessd_uk@yahoo.co.uk, many thanks.


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