15 March 2017

Duxford Chapel, The Chapel of St John The Baptist

Early in the thirteenth century Sir William de Coleville, Lord of the Manor of Duxford founded a small hospital beside Whittlesford Bridge.  Though first recorded in 1236, the scanty remains of the original building and the statement, late in the century, that it had existed 'of old time' suggest that it was founded soon after 1200.  The hospital was staffed by a Prior and at least one Brother living under the Augustinian Rule.  In 1312 the order was dissolved and was then re-organised on a smaller scale and the chapel was rebuilt in the early 14th century.  The hospital became a free chapel, that is a small isolated chantry to pray for the soul of the Founder.  Chantries were dissolved under Edward VI in 1548 under his Protestant religious reforms, and at this point the chapel became a barn attached to the inn.  The walls breached to make wagon-doors have now been made good.  Source:- information board inside Duxford Chapel.

Mum enjoying a sunny, warm historical afternoon.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A hospital that became a chapel that was turned into a barn.. if walls could talk. So lovely that the building still stands and is preserved in an impressive way.
Thanks for another fascinating story Cindy!

xxx Arne

25 March 2017 at 23:36:00 GMT


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