01 August 2016

North Elmham, Norfolk

This site represents a Norman bishop's
 private chapel built on the site of the timber cathedral which was transferred in 1071 to Thetford and from there to Norwich in 1094.  The great ditches which surround the chapel were excavated when Bishop Henry Despencer turned the chapel into a castle during the 14th century.  Before the Norman conquest and for five years after it the village of North Elmham was the principal seat of the Bishops of East Anglia with a bishop's palace and cathedral in the centre of a great episcopal estate. (Source booklet published by the North Elmham Parish Council 2006).

... that's my doggy!...

What a fab name, I wish he was one of mine...

St Cecilia .... (an early 15th century one!)...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife is Christian but she doesn´t visit half as many churches you! I understand you, they are fascinating buildings in so many ways. The history, the architecture, the paintings.. England has among the oldest churches you find and you do an excellent work documenting them Cindy!


17 August 2016 at 21:29:00 BST


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