12 August 2016

Boughton, Norfolk....

Boughton has been called "West Norfolk's hidden beauty spot".  The church is on a side road running between cottages overlooking the village pond.  Only the tower is Medieval, the rest was rebuilt in 1872.

In the wall of the churchyard, near the gate is part of a stone coffin set into the wall.  It was found in 1832 but probably dates from medieval times.

A Spanish Flamenco dancing exhibition is to be held there shortly, how fab is that!

Views over Barton Bendish...

... the natives certainly weren't hostile...

... and who needs 'facilities' when you've got such a beautiful village!

Our Pixie is certainly a child of nature..... or maybe she has been watching Dad's Army ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I danced flamenco some 45 years ago, but it was certainly not in a church! I was dragged on stage in a Spanish night club.. Funny to name a village without shops Boughton.. but maybe the locals bought everything in the shops.

15 August 2016 at 23:50:00 BST


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