04 July 2015

Fordham Wood, Cambridgeshire........

A gentleman of Fordham once told us that this used to be the old Exning Road hundreds of years ago.... it is now the path from River Lane to Fordham Woods....
Fordham Wood is one of the best examples of wet valley bottom woodland in Cambridgeshire and is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  In the past the site was set aside to provide local people with a source of wood for burning and reed for thatch.  Until the 20th century the area was considerably more open in nature due to regular harvesting of these materials.  (Source:- The Wildlife Trust). 
This area was owned by Fordham Abbey in medieval times and it is said this is why many redcurrant bushes are seen in these woods today as the Monks were partial to a redcurrant or two now and then!


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