27 May 2013

The 8th airforce 70th anniversary tribute flypast consisting of the B17 Flying Fortress, with four fighters from the Eagle Squadron, a Hawker Hurricane, a Spitfire, a P-47 Thunderbolt and a P51 Mustang ... all pix taken from the garden of 'Cindy Towers' this afternoon.... :-)




Blogger Sage said...

I love to watch the planes, too. I reconize the colimbines but what is the blue flower. I like it, too.

28 May 2013 at 00:59:00 BST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And you ask me what bird it was?! You even know their latin number! It must have been an exciting moment when history pass in the sky like this. Thanks for sharing it in perfect photos! I understand you needed to rest your neck with photographing flowers after that.. gorgeous photos of equally gorgeous flowers.
xxx Arne

29 May 2013 at 23:15:00 BST


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