03 June 2008

Pixie is auditioning for next year's Eurovision Song Contest (she loves ABBA, she's very discerning)


Blogger oldcrow61 said...

lol, she has my vote. Laughed out loud, my first chuckle of the morning.

5 June 2008 at 09:21:00 BST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,

My money is on Pixie winning next years Eurovision!

Thanks for the message regarding the scarecrow festival. I visited on the Sunday and was amazed at the number of people there.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and managed to take over 100 photos! I've just spent four hours this evening going through them all and selecting around 20 for my blog.

Hope you enjoy : )

PS: - I love the streaming videos on your blog.

9 June 2008 at 22:14:00 BST

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yes, it is quite possible that our paths may have crossed : )

Hope you've managed to get rid of that terrible bug that's been going around.

Hey, you must have been feeling flush if you both bought ice creams!

11 June 2008 at 20:58:00 BST


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